PPP Financial Modelling Masterclass

AP3 in partnership with the Global Centre for Law, Business, and Economy is offering a PPP Financial Modelling Masterclass for PPP practitioners; running between Monday 25th and Friday 29th July 2022. 

The course will provide PPP practitioners with an in-depth understanding of how to build a complete and robust financial model. Calculations will cover revenues, operating and maintenance costs, capital expenditures, depreciation, debt and equity financing and taxation, leading to the build-up of integrated financial statements for any PPP project.

The Curriculum

Course content will cover:

  1. Modelling Basics
  2. Building a Simple Financial Model (Road Project) – Inputs and Calculations
  3. Building Complex Financial Models – Port Project
  4. Building Financial Models II: Complex Power Project
  5. Interpreting and using the Model for review/testing

Benefits of attending

  • Develop the requisite skill in building a PPP Financial Model.
  • Apply models for the efficient design and completion of PPP feasibility studies.
  • Understand project financing requirements and evaluate PPP financial models for both affordability and bankability.
  • Deep understanding of funding structures, debt mechanics, risk metrics, cash flow waterfalls and essential scenario analysis of PPP projects.
  • Understanding of how to interpret the outputs from a PPP financial model, and how to use those outputs in the development and delivery of PPP Transactions.
  • Develop the capability to review, interrogate, and test a PPP Financial Model.

Registration, payment, and location

Payment for attending the 5-day course is NGN 300,000. To sign up to attend, go to EventBrite, and register your interest. 

Payments should be made to Africa PPP Advisory Nigeria Limited, 1016432777 (Zenith Bank).

The event will take place at:

Faaji Global Resources

Abuja-Keffi Road

New Karu, NS 961103





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