The Situation

The use of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Private Sector Financing (PSF) of infrastructure in the delivery of public infrastructure and services has grown rapidly in Nigeria over the last twenty years. However, this has not necessarily translated into the creation of sustainable jobs, increased living standards and resilience to climate change that is possible with pro-poor, inclusive, climate-resilient PPPs. This is largely because these considerations were not hard-coded into the selection, prioritisation, development and implementation management of such projects.

The Solution

As part of the TetraTech International Development (formerly WYG) Consortium, Africa PPP Advisory Services is delivering the PPP/Infrastructure Financing Component of the DFID funded £72.8m technical assistance facility which aims to improve the lives of some of Nigeria’s poorest people by improving the way infrastructure is designed and delivered in the country.

UKNIAF aims to build on the solid foundations developed under NIAF2, with progress implementation in a more focused manner. The primary objective of the PPP/Infrastructure Financing Component is to develop a $3 billion pipeline of bankable PPP projects, at least $1 billion of which would be at or close to financial close by 2023. UKNIAF will also serve to ensure that Nigeria will have substantially improved processes for developing and assessing PPPs at the Federal and State levels.

UKNIAF also provides technical assistance to the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning (FMFBNP) to establish a clear linkage between priorities to be defined in the Medium-Term National Plan (MTNDP) and the annual capital budget.

Our Assistance

Acting as the key delivery partner for PPPs, our team led the development high-level UKNIAF Infrastructure Financing & Delivery Strategy (UKNIAF-IFDS) as part of the inception phase. This will be delivered in three main pillars:

This has now reached  implementation phase, with key achievements in the following areas: