The Situation

State governments across Nigeria have been plagued by low revenues, leading to an inability to carry out the spending needed on local services. Therefore Kogi State, as well as other Nigerian states, planned to reform their Boards of Internal Revenue, with the aim of increasing revenue generation and collection.

The Solution

We were required to provide consultancy and project management services for the reform of the Kogi State Board of Internal Revenue and strategy development for revenue generation, collection, assurance and optimisation.

Our Assistance

We provided legal services, such as reviewing the legal and institutional framework for revenue generation in Kogi State. We were also able to improve the operational efficiency in tax collection and administrative processes through minimising the manual processing, and increased the transparency and integrity of the tax process, all leading to enhanced revenue generation for states. The enhanced revenue generation and collection led to a 23% increase in revenue generation from 300 Million Naira monthly to 1 Billion Naira monthly.