The Situation

Since resuming train operations after being inactive for a long time due to infrastructure decay, the Nigerian Railway Corporation faced increasing demand for its services, and in turn planned to improve its service delivery. They therefore proposed a US $107.6 million commercial development of nine (9) railway stations across Nigeria as successful PPP Projects, to incorporate modern commercial outlets, such as Hotels, Flats and Shopping Centres.

The Solution

Africa PPP Advisory was recruited as Transaction Advisors, tasked with advising on PPPs, including establishing the technical, economic, financial, and legal feasibility of the railway station projects. We were also tasked with providing a detailed assessment of the market demand, and the legal, financial and technical considerations for the projects.

Our Assistance

We were able to establish the feasibility for the commercial re-development of the stations, which involved mobilising a multi-disciplinary team of legal, financial and technical experts to liaise with potential investors and spearhead the financial analysis. We also co-managed the project deals, produced an inception report, a policy, legal and business context report, a PPP business options analysis and an Outline Business Case Report. These reports were vital to assessing the legal, financial and technical considerations for the projects.