The Situation

The President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, recognised the need to develop the education sector due to the fact that it is critical for long term growth and ensures the nation’s ability to stay competitive in a knowledge driven world. He therefore announced the 4 Year Strategic Plan for the Development of the Education Sector to boldly tackle the challenges hampering the Nigerian Education System. The plan sought to represent the activities needed to address the significant challenges of developing the education system, and had to draw from development oriented documents already available.

The Solution

The Federal Ministry of Education therefore required advisory services on finance, resource mobilisation and Public Private Partnerships in order to produce an effective 4 – Year Strategic implementation for the development of the education sector.

Our Assistance

In order to support the Federal Ministry of Education, we reviewed and recommended solutions to issues associated with resource mobilisation, accountability and management. We also established a high level framework for promoting Public Private Partnerships in terms of education delivery. This was vital in attaining a 13% increase in the Education Budget, achieved by benchmarking Nigerian education spending against international best practice.